Charitable donation vs. Political contribution

When you donate $100, you don’t always have to donate $100. You can get back a portion of your donation by paying less tax. In order to encourage you to give money to a political party, our leaders will entice you with an even more generous tax cut. Forget the Red Cross and the fight to cure cancer, the fat cats want to keep their seat in the next election, and they get to vote on the tax rules.

My Donation: $
I’m a first time donor (well, I didn’t get a charitable donations tax credit for any year after 2007)

Charity Federal party Provincial party
Federal non-refundable tax credits 0
Provincial non-refundable tax credits 0

If your taxable income in 2016 or later exceeded $200,000, use the CRA calculator.

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The Canadian Election Expenses Act that subsidizes individual political donations originated in 1974. Its purpose was to reduce dependancy on large donors, and encourage small donations by a wider range of private citizens.
State subsidies and political parties by Harold J. Jansen and Lisa Young.

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