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8.2-100-100 7.4-90.243902439024-90.243902439024 4.2-51.219512195122-51.219512195122 3.4-41.463414634146-41.463414634146 3.2-39.024390243902-39.024390243902 3.1-37.80487804878-37.80487804878 2.8-34.146341463415-34.146341463415 2.7-32.926829268293-32.926829268293 2.5-30.487804878049-30.487804878049 2.4-29.268292682927-29.268292682927
Stephane DionClark KentRekhaZechariahJarredYitzhakNinekaYasserDrewBill Clinton

How it works: The data are obtained using the yahoo search engine.
% of hits is the percentage of web pages that contain 'fierce' out of all web pages containing the name.

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