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Top 10 dishes that feel soothing (out of 73 dishes tasted)

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Vanilla Ice Cream  Tempura  Cotton Candy  Chocolate chip cookies  Chicken Soup  Barbecue Duck  Yogurt  Sashimi  Fried Rice  Chocolate Cake 

How it works: The data are obtained using the yahoo search engine.
% of hits is the percentage of web pages that contain 'soothing' out of all pages containing the dish name.

Compare how soothing are other meals!

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Taste 3:

Click on a dish to find it's top taste sensations:
Bacon Baked Oysters Banana Cake Barbecue Duck Barley Soup Bread Pudding Brownies Burrito Cabbage rolls Carrot Cake Cereal Chicken Soup Chips Chocolate Cake Chocolate chip cookies Clam Chowder Cole Slaw Corn Bread Corned Beef Cotton Candy Dim Sum Egg Foo Yong Enchilada Fajita French Bread French Fries French Toast Fried Rice Goulash Grilled Chicken Hamburger Hotdog Lasagna Macaroni and Cheese Meat balls Muffins Mushroom Soup Nacho Omelette Onion Soup Palak Paneer Pancakes Pasta Salad Pecan Pie Perogies Piroshki Pizza Potato Salad Pretzels Pumpkin pie Rice Pudding Salmon Samosa Sashimi Seafood Spaghetti Bolognese Spinach Pie Steak Stuffed Cabbage Stuffed Peppers Stuffed Turkey Sushi Taco Tandoori Chicken Tapas Tempura Tomato Soup Tuna fish Tuna Sandwich Vanilla Ice Cream Yogurt

Click on a taste sensation to find which dishes bring it:
bitter cheesy chewy chocolaty creamy crispy crunchy delicious dense exotic fatty greasy healthy juicy lean rich salty scrumptious slippery smelly smokey smooth soft soothing sour spicy sweet tangy tasty tender yummy zesty

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