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How it works: The data are obtained using the yahoo search engine.
% of hits is the percentage of web pages that contain 'fast' out of all pages containing the car model.

Compare how other cars portray you as fast!

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Attribute 1:
Attribute 2:
Attribute 3:

Click on an attribute to find which car models reflect it:
powerful sexy intelligent evil ambitious cheap fat smelly deadly mature lonely communist hot flamboyant more...

Click on a car model to find it's top conveyed attributes:
Aprilia SL1000 Falco Aprilia Tuono Buell Ducati Monster S4R S Ducati ST3 Harley Davidson Kawasaki Mustang Pro-One Suzuki Yamaha

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Disclaimer: Too many cars on the road is bad for our planet.
We recommend you walk, run, bike, sleep at the office or take the train.

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